Palomar linear amplifier

Palomar linear amplifier

Condition is Used. Listed for parts only. Has been tested with Cobra GTL into dummy load. All functions work including receive amplifier. See pictures for output test on high, med and low. Amp is in very good condition. Sold as is with no expressed or implied warranty. Shipping with insurance and signature confirmation. Selling collection and will be listing more rare items. Super high amount of views. Super high amount of bids.

Great seller with very good positive feedback and over 50 ratings. Like us on Facebook. Rare Palomar Elite base station power supply linear amplifier 10 meter amp 1 of 6 Rare Palomar Elite base station power supply linear amplifier 10 meter amp 2 2 of 6 Rare Palomar Elite base station power supply linear amplifier 10 meter amp 3 3 of 6 Rare Palomar Elite base station power supply linear amplifier 10 meter amp 4 4 of 6 Rare Palomar Elite base station power supply linear amplifier 10 meter amp 5 5 of 6 Rare Palomar Elite base station power supply linear amplifier 10 meter amp 6 6 of 6 See More.

Palomar 350 Linear Amplifier

See Details on eBay Search Swurl. Recent Feedback. See Details.Palomar Bi-Linear. Posted: May Sun 23, am. The other day, a friend of mine gave me a Palomar bi-linear amp he uses on ten meters.

He wants me to fix it. He says it just quit on him. You guys may have seen one of these and might be able to help me with it. But I can't tell what the driver tube is! Quite a bit shorter than the PP tubes.

Some call these Compactrons, but they're NOT. All I can see for the tube nomenclature is Does anybody know what the driver tube is?? HELP if you can?? Hello Tubenutt, Ive been waiting to say hi to the guy with "two t's" The tube is most likely a 12jb6 or a 6jb6 depending on how the filaments are configured on the 6lq6's. The was a very common tube used in these amps which makes me wonder if the Rf finals and sockets have been swapped.

The is twice the price of the 6lq6. Hope this helps. Posted: May Sun 23, pm. After another "nose-poke" into the innards, I can see the 6LQ6s' filaments are in series, and the driver's fil is in parallel to that, so the power input is 12VDC from the truck's battery. There are no obvious catastrophic or even dogastrophic! He doesn't know the tube prices yet, but he will today after he rolls in from Port Orford! Better him than me, eh??

All there is left of the number is a All I can say for certain is that it's a Magnovar-based triode only see one pair of grid posts at the top micaand the plate connection out the top.

Hi Tubenutt, Have you tried posting over on the CB technician's group yet? Good luck! I've never messed with the 12v versions but I've owned a couple of similar amps that ran on mains current. The 6LQ6 is a horizontal sweep tube that happens to work out nicely as an RF amp. They are indeed very pricey, mostly because they got swept up to make inexpensive CB amplifiers when the tubes were common.

Palomar Elite 250 Linear Amplifier

Now that they're no longer in production, the supply is dwindling pretty badly. I guess I should have bought a set. Posted: May Mon 24, am. Supposed to have 's and a 12jb6 as said in an earlier post.

I would imagine that someone has modified it. Good luck. This unit has 3 RCA tubes The schematic I have also says 2 s and 1 12JB6A. Don't know. Maybe I should look up subs and see what's what. But these tubes appear to be the OEM tubes. Well Palomar was kind of funny with ther model 's The has a This section of the website is for downloading useful information including product catalogs and manuals for older Palomar Engineers products produced from onward.

Palomar 400 Linear Amplifier - $150 (CEDARTOWN)

As we research the engineering files we will try to post the pictures and manuals for all the products. If you have information like old manuals please feel free to email a copy to Sales Palomar-Engineers.

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Now taking donations of scanned manuals that we may not have. If you have a manual that is not listed on this page, please consider scanning it into pdf form and sending it to Sales Palomar-Engineers. We are also accepting pictures of Palomar products which you can send in jpeg format. Thanks in advance for your help with this project.

To connect to these radios use the Palomar LC-1 loop coupler. AM reception is much improved. Antenna Tuning with a Noise Bridge.

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BA Balun. Bullet end fed portable all band antenna. BA Connected as Balun. Operate open or in a case of your choice. It is for use from through 10 meters at full legal power at most impedances encountered. Model BA is a balun kit used to translate a 50 ohm input up to ohms at power levels up to watts when used with a matched load.

With a matched load the SWR will not exceed 1. The kit consists of a F ferrite core two colors of 16 Teflon-insulated wire. Model BA is a balun kit used to translate a 50 ohm input up to ohms at RF power levels up to watts when used with a matched load. With a matched load SWR will not exceed over the frequency range 1.

The kit consists of a F ferrite toroidal core three colors of 16 Teflon-insulated wire a UHF connector with stainless steel hardware and an instruction manual. Need a high performance, multi-band, stealthy antenna system that is easy to setup and use? Get the Bullet, the antenna wire and insulator all in one convenient package great for HOA restricted areas, camping and portable operations, etc.

Palomar Engineers Bullet Antenna Rev 2. Manual ,INFO. More Info. It is for receive only no transmit! It converts the balanced signal from the dipole to an unbalanced output for the coaxial cable.

It prevents signal pickup on the outside of the coax thus reducing noise pickup. It also connects both sides of the antenna to the coax shield at DC so static charges can drain to ground instead of going through the radio.

The balun has an So to accept a standard PL connector. Output: High impedance. Mounting: Stainless steel eye bolt. Case: White PVC epoxy filled weatherproof.

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The Palomar Engineers P receiver preamplifier improves weak signal reception for the shortwave listener.Your JavaScript appears to be disabled. JavaScript is necessary for various functions, such as order checkout, to operate on this web site. Please ensure that JavaScript is enabled. Your web browser appears to be out of date. Soon you will not be able to create a secure connection to our web site using TLS 1. Please upgrade your browser from current version.

Learn more about TLS. Give your radio operation a power boost with our selection of amplifiers, including high-power HF amplifiers, solid-state amplifiers, and mobile amplifiers. From affordable watt PEP output to all-out 1,watt continuous power, our selection of linear amplifiers will deliver the stable, efficient power punch you need to operate with authority from through 6 meters. Get your signals through loud and clear—find your perfect amplifier at DX Engineering now!

Ameritron AL Amplifiers feature 1, watts of output one hour continuous and operate from through 15 met Order this product and get free delivery and handling on your entire order! Offer excludes truck freight fees. Valid on orders shipped in the contiguous United States. They provide over W PEP output or Both kit and These amp Ameritron ALS Series Amplifiers are watt, solid-state linear amplifiers that use state-of-the-art, hig On Sale Details Wide-frequency coverage with 1 kW output, a built-in au Oversize fees also waived on this product.

They are designed t Digital Infrared Thermometers. Low Pass Filters. Amplifier QSK Switches. We do not sell email addresses or other private information. Privacy Policy. Outdated Internet Browser Detected Your web browser appears to be out of date. Chrome Firefox Safari Explorer Opera. Items in Cart 0. Search Within Results. Loading, Please Wait Sold individually. Amplifiers Give your radio operation a power boost with our selection of amplifiers, including high-power HF amplifiers, solid-state amplifiers, and mobile amplifiers.

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palomar linear amplifier

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Posted on Saturday, February 02, - am:. Posted on Saturday, February 02, - pm:. Posted on Tuesday, February 12, - pm:. Posted on Monday, February 18, - pm:. Posted on Wednesday, February 20, - pm:. Posted on Sunday, April 28, - pm:. Robbie Cox. Posted on Saturday, July 06, - pm:.

palomar 400

Towercat Posted on Saturday, January 17, - am:. Butcher Posted on Saturday, January 17, - pm:. Posted on Sunday, January 18, - pm:.

David Buzzell. Posted on Saturday, January 24, - am:. Posted on Saturday, January 31, - am:. Posted on Wednesday, February 04, - pm:.

Posted on Sunday, February 22, - am:. Posted on Wednesday, February 25, - pm:. Posted on Wednesday, March 10, - pm:. Posted on Thursday, March 11, - am:. Add Your Message Here. Posting Information: This is a private posting area.In this quick review we'll be taking a look at the Palomar Eliteone of the many amplifiers floating around out there that carry the Palomar name. Palomar amplifiers have been made by multiple companies over the years and the name became synonymous with CB type linear amplifiers.

But while the name was put on many different amplifiers the quality and capabilities of the amplifiers could vary greatly. The Palomar Elite is a 2 x transistor with a pre-amp and a power output level control switch.

palomar linear amplifier

This amp has three lights one for power, one for pre-amp, and one for TX. The amplifier doesn't have a fan, but instead has cooling fins that run the length of the radio along the bottom. The top case is held on by four screws - two in the front and two in the back the upper screws shown in the above picture.

Removing the top cover gives us a nice look inside the amplifier. As you can see there is a lot of room inside and most of the components are spaced out pretty well.

I was told this amplifier was AB biased and so far the reports on-air have come back that it's a very clean sounding amplifier, especially on SSB. Speaking of SSB this amplifier has an automatic SSB delay built in and as that is my preferred mode I've had a chance to really test out this amplifier.

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The automatic delay has worked great and I've encountered zero issues. One thing I did run into on this amplifier - when connecting some LMR coax to the amp the coax connector on the amplifier came loose and the insulator pushed inwards quite a bit.

I was able to buy a pack of replacements on eBay and after some quick soldering the amp was running again. The rear of the amp is labeled with antenna and radio input labels to prevent hooking up the amp backwards. I actually have set the input deadkey to. Since this amp doesn't require a lot of input you really shouldn't drive them with more than 2 watts input as you'll sound garbled and the life of the amplifier with be drastically shortened.

Of course there are always the people that will tell me that they've been running a stock radio with a 5 watt deadkey into their amp for 2 years with no problems and good for them, but it's definitely not what I would recommend.

The preamp on this amplifier works excellent. In so many cases the preamps in amplifiers are useless or just cause a ton of static. In one amplifier I owned when I turned on the pre-amp I'd pick up a local radio station.

The one in this amplifier works really well and definitely does a good job amplifying incoming signals without bringing in obscene amounts of static. As for real world performance this amplifier stacks up really well in the 2 x category. While its output numbers aren't as good as the Midnight Special I tested recently, it doesn't seem to have any trouble cutting through the airwaves to make a contact.

On SSB this amplifier has really proved itself to be capable. Even with multiple hours of use in the mobile the amp didn't get excessively hot. I tried running this amplifier with a single final radio and dual final radios and it performed flawlessly with both, handling SSB swing of 30 watts without issue.

While it isn't a power house and the amplifier still falls into the "cheaply made" category it definitely provides a good bang for the buck. It wouldn't be my first choice as I'd rather have a nice Magnaforce for SSB use, but I wouldn't pass it up if you see one at the right price. This website is purely for entertainment purposes.

Any and all articles, reviews, products, pictures, writings or any other material published on this website are written and are to be used for entertainment purposely only. All opinions, articles and written statements on this website are opinion. The FCC is a government factual source for legal rules and information on how to buy, use, and operate a CB radio.The certificate of registration is U.

No issued by the U. Patent and Trademark Office on March 22, The mourning dove is a common bird in Southern California. A major feature of San Diego county is ft. Palomar Mountain. Palomar Observatory. Managed by California Institute of Technology. Palomar Software, Inc.

A former Macintosh software developer in Oceanside, California. Palomar Medical Technologies, Inc. A medical equipment company in Burlington, Massachusetts. Palomar Products,Inc. A manufacturer of audio, video, and data distribution systems in Rancho Santa Margarita, Calif.

Palomar Technologies, Inc. A manufacturer of automated assembly equipment in Vista, California. Palomar Display Products, Inc. A manufacturer of commercial and military displays in Carlsbad, California. Palomar Solar, Ltd. Palomar Electronics Corp.

palomar linear amplifier

Went out of business about No connection whatever to Palomar Engineers, Inc. Palomar Telecom. Local Institutions using the Palomar name: Palomar Observatory. Palomar Hospital. Escondido, CA medical center. Palomar College. A community college in San Marcos, Calif. Palomar Airport.

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